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Cypress infant child care: is picky eating natural or learned?

Posted on 06-23-2014


While some children like to taste new food, your child may refuse to try something new. Most child care specialists agree that this phase is completely normal for infants, especially as they grow into toddlers. As children grow and play, they tend not to focus on food. This can be difficult to cope with, since everyone wants their child to get plenty of healthy nutrition.

How to handle a picky eater

  1. Snacks: Plenty of healthy snacks are the best way to fit nutritional eating into your infant or toddler’s day. A plate with apple slices, avocado quarters, carrot sticks, cheese sticks and wedges of hard boiled egg can be stored in the refrigerator and brought out when you want to encourage your child to eat.
  2. Dipping sauces: Adding a dipping sauce can make eating a more fun experience. Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, guacamole, pureed vegetables and fruits offer different, interesting flavors as compliments to most types of food.
  3. Smoothies: If your infant would rather drink her food rather than sit to eat, a smoothie in a sippy cup is a healthy option. Milk, fruit and yogurt can be combined with foods such as wheat germ and peanut butter to make a tasty meal.
  4. Camouflage: Your child may take a particular dislike to certain foods presented in a certain way, but these can be disguised in foods your child likes. Pasta sauces can hide almost any vegetable without changing the flavor significantly. You can also bake healthy muffins and snacks, adding bits of apples and carrots.
  5. Friends: If your child has a friend who is a good eater, invite them over to eat together. Nothing will motivate your child to try a food like seeing someone just like them eating something new and enjoying it.
  6. Novelty and participation: Letting your child choose new foods to try is a great way to encourage healthy eating habits. Visit Sprouts Farmers Market where your child can choose foods for snacks and meals, even if they are not traditional options. Children are often drawn to bright, colorful foods, which are often nutritious, so they may surprise you with their choices. This also gives your child a sense of control and anticipation, helping her to look forward to eating.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Coles Crossing, we offer an innovative infant program that emphasizes optimal early development in a loving, nurturing environment. We encourage your child to learn, explore and interact through hands-on, sensory play that targets language, socio-emotional, physical and cognitive brain development. With expert supervision and a nutritionally balanced meal program, your child will have everything she needs to meet developmental milestones.

For more information on our infant child care program and state-of-the-art facility, contact us today.

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