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Cypress Infant Care: The first month of your child’s life

Posted on 12-10-2014


It is natural for a parent to want the best for a new child. Parents seek innovative child care techniques, and look for ways to ensure that they provide a healthy nurturing environment at all times. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Coles Crossing in Cypress, Texas, is excited to share some insight about what a new parent can expect during the first month of a child’s life, and how parents can accommodate the child’s various needs and desires.


At first you may be surprised at how much your infant sleeps. Infants often sleep more than they are awake. This is a natural part of your baby’s development. You will notice many changes in the first month as your infant becomes more aware. He or she will start to observe you, and will begin to watch your facial expressions and respond to your voice. Experiencing these changes in your child is a joyful part of child care. Bonding during this time is crucial and you should hold, cuddle and talk to your baby as much as possible during this time.

Physical development

During the first month, your infant will begin to exhibit reflexes, such as the ability to feed and the ability to grasp your finger. Your baby will also begin to move his or her arms and legs, pushing them out and pulling them in. Some babies might even begin to show the ability for walking. You can try putting the feet on the ground and see if your baby tries to take a step or two.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Coles Crossing in Cypress, Texas, offers top quality infant and child care services. We utilize our exclusive Brain Waves™ Curriculum to ensure optimal academic, physical and emotional development in young children. Contact us today if you would like more information.

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