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Coles Crossing Child Care: Brain Development Milestones for Your Child

Posted on 02-05-2015


Parents sometimes struggle in understanding how to provide the best early development opportunities for a child. This is because each child goes through various stages of brain development and what was great for your child last week may not be as effective this week. Allow us to share some insight on how you can help your child through the crucial stages of brain development.


The first stage is cognitive development where your child will learn about the natural laws of the world like cause and effect. This is when your child begins to understand when he or she cries out, you come to see if your infant is hungry, has a soiled diaper or needs some snuggle time.

Social skills

Next your child will move into the social stage of brain development, when he or she will start communicating in unique ways such as cooing and babbling. Although these are not actual words, talking back to your child will acknowledge and encourage him or her through this stage by allowing basic communication practice.


Finally, your child will move into the stage of language and communications. During this time he or she will begin learning full words and building a relatively large vocabulary. You can help your child by simply expanding the vocabulary you use and exposing him or her to as much communication as possible.

These basic fundamentals will be further enhanced in child care or preschool. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Coles Crossing in Cypress, Texas offers your child an advanced early education that caters to each unique individual. With our Brain WavesTM curriculum and our excellent learning facility you can rest assured that you are providing your child with the best early brain development. Contact us for more details.

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